Thursday, October 2, 2008

Money Laundering: Lifestyle Recirculation

Without a weekly income for months now, without buyers for buy my house, and with folks who flock faster to garage sales than Neiman-Marcus sales, I have a new job.


My new employer is my bank book.


Finding the balance between a business owning me and the new proprietorship of myself and my time has some costs—no fluid income.


I panicked at first. But panic resolves nothing except the realization that my choice was made, the national economy is not working with me, I'm not exactly employable (no one is hiring anyway), and that I better reactivate my inner chain saw. That's right, cut down the overgrown expenses of a former lifestyle.


We'll see how well this works. I'm still going to have to invent some kind of real income. Spouse and I are working on it right now. See But we don't plan to bleed as brutally as we bled owning our former business in Santa Fe for 20 years.


Meanwhile, it's a perfect day on the California coast—so a good walk is in my immediate future. When I get back I'll tend to my itsy-bitsy fall garden. It's a part of my savings/good health program. I'm relearning some old talents that I closeted. Check out what's sprouting on the sidebar. And send me your great cost ideas from food, drink, wear and pleasure. I'll share those ideas here.

Photo: My fall garden planted 2 1/2 weeks ago!

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