Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Those darn irons that keep landing in the fire!

Emails wondering where the Santa Fe Mother Blogger blogs have gone fill my mailbox. "Did you quit?" "Writer's block?" "Are you okay?"

All is well in the SFe Mo Blogger camp. However, after my home computer, my ever-faithful laptop that every computer wizard said I should put to sleep--but I gave it new innards instead--died of a coffee overdose, I was left with the office computer. Not good, because one cannot think at my office.

With one too many irons in the proverbial fire, I rushed one early morning to scan and send out some art for a project. Usually I avoid anything that requires thought or coordination until I consume my first cup of coffee. The only difference in my morning energy levels from that of my second decade of life is engagement speed. One might say, the rpm level has dropped a tad.

Secondly, the biggest rule in my life is KEEP ALL LIQUIDS AWAY FROM OFFICE MACHINERY.

With an extra large cup filled to the top with fresh brewed java, I scooted to the home office, set the coffee down by the laptop and reached for the just scanned piece of art. Life went into slow motion. My hand grazed the top of the coffee cup which toppled right into my laptop. The hot brown liquid completely emptied into the aged computer.

My neighbors surely heard my 6:30 a.m. scream followed by a string of unknown language that defined every single body part, body function, curse, and all things gross and nasty. In the course of cursing, I pulled the computer power source and flipped it upside down. The dog charged down to my office barking notice and concern. Clif tossed his razor into the sink and screamed "Are you okay?" and followed the dog. The cat slunk under the bed. As if taking its last gasp of air, a puff of smoke escaped the computer.

Need I say more?

The fire continues to burn and the irons require my attention. Soon, however, the snows will fall and perhaps the fire will slow down to the size of a lit candle.