Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"There Is Only One Anne Hillerman"

When I moved to Santa Fe to take charge of the bookstore that spouse and I had recently purchased, my first job was to bring consumers back to the business. A childrens book festival seem right since many of the books I sold were written by local authors.

A talented group participated, including one who became a friend, and today, honored by The New Mexico Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Anne Hillerman. So prolific that when author Judith R. Hendricks ("Bread Alone")
www.amazon.com/Bread-Alone-Judith-R-Hendricks/dp/0060084405 said that when she googled Anne, she thought there were many other Anne Hillermans out there, but, she said, "There is only one Anne Hillerman."

Anne is a journalist, author, editor and business woman. (Visit: www.wordharvest.com) When her next three projects publish ("Restaurant Guide to Santa Fe," "Santa Fe Gardens," and a photo essay written by Anne and with photos of noted landmarks in the Tony Hillerman novels by her husband, Don Strel, "The Hillerman Landscapes") I'll keep you posted.

In a world were charm and graciousness are a challenge to find, it is good when we take time out to recognize talent that is wrapped in these good labels.