Tuesday, August 14, 2007

6-0 Looms, Lurks, And Lures

Wrinkles! Grey Hair! Flab! Oh! My! Welcome to Sixohdear!

Yes, that big 6-0 birthday looms. Former classmates have a way of reminding me. “Hey, since most of us will turn 60 in 2008, let’s take a birthday cruise,” the emails suggest.

I’m cool with that.

It took my new membership to Club Grandparent to make this 6-0 business catch my attention. Never mind my blogs about comedy clubs and the center-seated golden girls. Ignore the fact that I prefer and will buy only comfortable vehicles. Gray hair? Right! I went from a natural brunette to hints of salt and pepper, directly to blond, then back to assorted shades of red hair.

Some of the best people I know have already passed that 6-0 thing.

So as I progress through Sixohdear! I’ll introduce you to those who laugh in the face of aging; discuss issues of these times; chronicle how those of us who survived the 60’s and once warned, “don’t trust anyone over 30,” remain destined to create even more change; and I’ll seek your opinions and wisdom.

Note: The three bears photo, a fine shoot by retired cuzin Sue, who recently visited Alaska

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big dave said...

Yes 6-0 looms ever closer. I'll hit the big one on december 26th. Being a teacher and having 6 kids (12-29)may not alter my appearance, but my humor and outlook on life are about those of a 30 year old. I heard an appropriate comment:

"No that I am Sixty, I discovered that I was not as irritable or Anxious about things...Then I( discovered that "I JUST DON'T GIVE A S--T ANY MORE" That is a perfect description of how I approach my job and other people and situations.

I am only renting this body, and my time on this earth is limited--Why sweat the small stuff? Besides. any day I wake up sucking air is just another day closer to my eternal paradise!

Love you all